Certified ACE Training Club Member

This certificate is aimed at professionals already working or training in the field of animal welfare, education and wellbeing.

Annual registration fee of £25.00 to join the ACE Training Club. (Renewable Jan 2021)

Being a member of the ACE Training Club entitles you to 10% discount on all ACE courses in the UK taught by an ACE Instructor giving you a saving of £28.00 on all three day modules, and £47.00 on all five day courses. It pays to join the ACE Training Club!

You do not have to enrol in the ACE Training Club to attend your first ACE module or workshop but you will only be eligible for the discount on ACE events after you have joined the ACE Training Club. We cannot backdate discounts if you do decide to enrol after your first module or workshop but we can backdate credits if you decide to enrol in a reasonable time frame.

You can collect ACE credits by attending workshops and events taught by an ACE Instructor or workshops taught by an ACE Advanced Tutor. To complete your ACE certification you will need to attend a mix of workshops and modules taught by ACE Instructors.

Once you have received your ACE certificate you can use the blue first tier ACE logo on your website and social media, and advertise that you incorporate ACE techniques within your existing skills. You can also join the ACE Guild and be listed on our website. You can use the name ACE to illustrate you are an ACE Trainer, an ACE Groomer, ACE TTouch Practitioner, ACE Behavourist etc. depending on your field of expertise.

Our ACE Advanced Tutors and Instructors support your learning and you will be able to access course material online.

You will also have access to the ACE Training Club FB page; this is a closed group for those enrolled on the ACE Training Programme where you can upload videos for feedback, ask questions and gain support from our ACE Advanced Tutors and Instructors as you work towards your ACE Training Club certificate.

300 credits (minimum)
Five video case histories applying ACE techniques with five different canine clients with written notes*
Approximately fifteen full days at a pace to suit you.
You need to attend a minimum of twelve days as a handler and attend a minimum of nine days taught by an ACE Instructor.
You can also top up your practical skills by working on a one to one basis with an ACE Advanced Tutor or ACE Instructor.

*Not everyone finds putting thoughts into words an easy process. If you struggle with writing for any reason you can talk through and record your observations, objectives and outcomes or include simple bullet points with your video submissions.